kiss me then fuck me.

sex. girls. tits. ass. what else?

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letstakeherpicture: I love your blog. One of the sexiest blogs ever... Well doneeee

Thank you so much(:


If youโ€™re going to ride my ass at least pull my hair.

Anonymous: I see now on your main blog you're trying to get laid. Did it happen? Was it good? Are you going to now start looking for a fuck buddy?

Haha no it didn’t happen. I’m sure when it happens it will be better then trying to force it.

Anonymous: I've seen lately that you aren't into one night stands or fuck buddies, but would you have sex with a guy you find attractive and are getting to know? Do you take ANY guys home?

Haha, if i had a real connection with a guy i would maybe. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m still battling my past so when thats over with ill be more likely to open up to people. I guess when you find that one person you though was going to be the one, sex changes. Its no longer just about sex.ย 

Anonymous: You get a sexy life yet? (; By the way fantastic blog. Unf

Haha nope no sexy life. Thank you(:

Anonymous: That sucks no sex life. Why not find just a one night stand? Or do you not do those?

I don’t like them. Honestly I’d rather have sex with someone I’m dating. Then some random.

Anonymous: I saw on your main a few days ago that today would be your birthday, is that right? If so happy birthday!! I hope to god you have a good birthday sex story to share. (;

Thank you ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹ nope I’m a single girl with no sex life. But go have sex for me :D

Anonymous: To the girl who runs this blog, when's the last time you had sex? (;

Its been awhile. I’m single and not looking for for a fuck buddy so no sex for me lol